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About us

Vision : An inclusive society where persons with disabilities are resilient and lead quality life.

Mission : To empower persons with disabilities and caregivers through capacity building, advocacy, linking and grants support

Our Thematic Areas

Our Strategies


In collaboration with SLF, CDSK has between 2015 and 2017 worked with a network of 40 POs, reaching a total of 3,414 CYWDs with comprehensive CBRC and livelihood enhancement services. Part of the CBRC services were delivered in partnership with Government level 5 hospitals. 

Our Strategies

CDSK implements its projects/programmes through the strategies listed below.

  • Monitoring, Evaluation, Research and Learning
  • Policy Influencing
  • Capacity Development
  • Network development and linking

CIPESA Talks on PWDs in Kenya

Team Members

Cecilia Mutava

Cecilia Mutava (CEO) Cecilia has been the CDSK CEO since July 2011. Since then she has been serving as the CDSK National Coordinator for the 8 years. She had previously worked for PeaceNet Kenya for two years as a research assistant and Agriculture Business Development (ABD) funded by Danida as a field officer empowering farmers on indigenous farming for two years.


Vincent Ogutu
Programmes Manager

Vincent is a pro-poor development practitioner with over 10 years experience in integrated development programmes with a bias in disability programming such as emergency relief, WASH, inclusive education , livelihoods & economic empowerment, and rehabilitation & school health promotion.

Scaver Mwakio
Finance Officer

Scaver Mwakio Nyangala came to CDSK in 2015 after working for years as a teacher, an accountant and in various finance related roles.

Our Main Partners

Leonard Cheshire

Geoffrey Leonard Cheshire, Baron Cheshire, VC, OM, DSO & Two Bars, DFC (7 September 1917 – 31 July 1992) was a highly decorated Royal Air Force (RAF) pilot and group captain during the Second World War, and a philanthropist.

Among the honours Cheshire received as a pilot was the Victoria Cross, the highest award for gallantry in the face of the enemy that can be awarded to British and Commonwealth forces. He was the youngest group captain in the RAF and one of the most highly decorated pilots of the war.

After the war he founded a hospice that grew into the charity Leonard Cheshire Disability. He became known for his work in conflict resolution. In 1991 he was created a life peer in recognition of his charitable work

Liliane- Founder, Liliane Fonds

The Liliane Foundation is a Dutch NGO that was created in 1980 as a special fund for children and young people with disabilities in developing countries. In cooperation/partnership with local partner organizations the foundation aims at social inclusion promoting community based rehabilitation strategies/services.

The support the Foundation provides focuses on:

  • Individual development: including areas of health, education, livelihood and social activities;
  • Organizational development: strengthening local partner’s capacity to further enabling environment.

Join us in building an Inclusive Community