Cecilia Mutava

Cecilia has been the CDSK CEO since July 2015 and served as the CDSK National Coordinator for the 3 years prior which providing her the in depth knowledge of CDSK homes and projects needed to lead the organization

Vincent Ogutu
Programmes Manager

Vincent is a pro-poor development practitioner with over 10 years experience in integrated development programmes with a bias in disability programming such as emergency relief, WASH, inclusive education , livelihoods & economic empowerment, and rehabilitation & school health promotion.

Scaver Mwakio
Finance & Administration Officer

Scaver Mwakio Nyangala came to CDSK in 2015 after working for years as a teacher, an accountant and in various finance related roles.

George Shimanyula
Project Officer

George is a graduate of Daystar University and holds a BA Degree in Community Development and a minor in Peace and Reconciliation.

Michael Otochi
Project Officer

Michael knows the challenges the learners continue to face during the struggles to acquires quality education regardless of their status in the society

Rachel Kitavi
Project Assistant

Rachel Kitavi  is a graduate  of Africa Nazarene University with a  Bachelor of Arts  degree in Community Development and a Diploma in Mass communication (Journalism & advertising ) from Multimedia University College. She has experience on employability of youth with disabilities and mental health

Maren Nkuraiya
Project Assistant

Maren holds a Masters in Community Development-Project Management from Daystar University and a Bachelor in Communication - Development communication and Public Relations.

Godfrey Obuya
Organisation Driver

Godfrey has been working as a professional driver since 2005 and has been a driver for CDSK since 2015.

Ruth Kilonzi
Office Assistant

Ruth has been with CDSK since early 2018. Ruth holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Community Development from Pan Africa Christian University,

Paul Wafula
Finance Assistant

Paul graduated from Dedan Kimathi University of Technology with a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting and joined CDSK as a finance assistant in June 2018.

Lucy Obiri
Project Officer

Lucy is a Bachelors holder in counseling psychology, a diploma holder in Social Work, and project management. She has been a Peer Educator in drug abuse issues in the informal settlements of Nairobi and has 11 years experience working in
inclusive programs and support for the vulnerable groups in our communities