Kariobangi Cheshire Homes

Brief History:

This home was started to meet the needs of the elderly poor of the area. By the late 70’s they had begun to live in temporary shelters and unsanitary conditions in the Korogocho, Huruma, Grogon, Ngei and Ghetto surroundings. The first six rooms were erected in 1980 with the help of Helpage U. K. In 1986, another sixteen rooms were added with the assistance of Caritas, Austria. A staff house was also added. Research carried out elderly slum-dwellers in September 1986, revealed the need for a day care Centre.

The Irish Government sponsored the building of the Centre which was furnished with the help of Helpage Kenya and American Women’s Association.

A Number of other donors have assisted with the building of additional rooms, a sick-bay Dispensary etc. In 1994 a new Dining room – cum T.V. room was added and a chapel. 

Kariobangi Cheshire Home,( Nyumba ya Wazee), is a Home and a permanent residence for 40 very elderly men and women and has a day care program for about 200 elderly from the neighboring slum areas. It is being cared for by Franciscan Missionary Sisters for Africa, from the start.


-To uplift the quality of life of elderly people in need, some with disability  regardless of sex, race, colour or creed.


-An inclusive society where elderly people who are in need and some with disability are respected, assisted and empowered to cope with life’s challenges and live a meaningful life.


– To help them spend their days or years with true human dignity and respect.

– To give dedicated care and medical assistance where necessary within an atmosphere of love, peace and respect.

– To promote harmony and happiness among the elderly as they share their lives together.

– To provide for spiritual needs of individuals with due respect for their faith. 

The world oldest student, Mr. Kimani Maruge was our resident at Kariobangi Cheshire Home.

He rested at age 90 years in the year 2009

 Our second services are to the poor of our neighborhood

 Our services to 138 registered destitute men and women are from slum areas and their average age ranges above 70 years. These come every Wednesday and Friday.

They arrive at 9.00am and leave around 4.00pm. During their stay they interact with our residents, joining with them in prayer and  playing a table game (draft). Those who need medical care are attended to. They are served a nourishing  meal. As they depart home, they receive a bag full of fresh vegetables, 2kilos of maize and 1kilo of beans. These vegetable are a donation from Veg Pro Ltd, KHE and Finley Ltd. In addition, once a month soap, cooking fat, salt and clothing are given when available.

Day- Care receiving hand out of vegetables and having a lunch meal

 On Tuesdays,  50 post leprosy persons, of any age group are also registered. Some are intermarried and have young children. These  receive similar care and services. Sometimes they are in need of crutches and dressing of their chronic ulcers on their legs.

 Students from universities and colleges, who pursue social and community development studies come and do their attachment at the home as required by the institutions. They have remarked on the dedicated services they witness at the home. It has made impression.

University students

 During the year, we often admit on temporary basis an adult who needs nursing care e.g. burned cases or a terminally ill who need home care.

 The popular 84 years age Kimani Maruge was brought here from the I.D.P. camp (internally displaced persons camp) in Eldoret by the Red Cross. He lived with us and attended class 4 and 5. When cancer took hold of his health and finally took him from us.

Whenever he met a young person or a child he stressed the value and need of 


 Apart from those already mentioned other needy people often come to our place . We extend our compassion and giving.

 All our services depend totally on charity and we are grateful for both financial and material donations we receive from individuals, families and groups.

 Many of the elderly we care for have orphaned Grandchildren living with them, and therefore indirectly we assist them.

 The home and its extended services totally depends on charity.

 We are grateful to many people and groups who help us and are aware we could not do this work without their help.

If  you are interested in assisting in this charitable work  please contact 0738639268or 0716537866 and also you can come and visit.