Inclusive Education

CDSK implements Child Empowerment Programme [CEP] in partnership with Liliane Fonds[ Netherlands] towards the realization of inclusive education. This is done through a network of local Partner Organisations (POs).In the CEP CDSK has a total of 3,890 (0-25years of age) direct beneficiaries in 46 Counties in Kenya. Child Empowerment Programme (CEP) entails addressing the impairments of children living with disability to functional state and removing the barriers (social, communicative, attitudinal, physical, policy) in the environment to enable them realize their rights and have equal opportunities in life. It is anchored on three pillars namely:-

International Classification of Functioning, Health and Disability
United Nations Convention on the Right of the Child (UNCRC) and United Nations Convention of the Right for Persons with Disability (UNCRPD)
Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR)