Why the Cheshire-Care Model Works?

Since 1972, the CDSK has been providing a range of care and support services in response to the growing needs and preferences of persons with disability. The Cheshire model has proved effective in providing quality and efficient community-based services and supervision of the homes and other programs aimed at reducing the barriers for persons with disabilities to live normal and meaningful lives During that time, we have given high quality care that has given home, education, vocational training and advocated for the rights of persons with disabilities. This has been carried out under international standards of care and service delivery due to the Cheshire model that we have adopted including:

Adhering to the greater Leonard Cheshire Global Alliance by adopting the vision, ethical and practice on all the programs we run in the country
ultivating and maintaining strategic partnerships and collaboration with several partners
The CSDK Volunteer Board made up of men and women who have donated their time and resources to support the implementation of programs and guide towards attaining the long-term vision of CDSK