Cecilia Mutava

Cecilia Mutava (CEO) Cecilia has been the CDSK CEO since July 2011. Since then she has been serving as the CDSK National Coordinator for the 8 years. She had previously worked for PeaceNet Kenya for two years as a research assistant and Agriculture Business Development (ABD) funded by Danida as a field officer empowering farmers on indigenous farming for two years.

Cecilia has been providing her in depth knowledge of CDSK homes and projects needed to lead the organization. Cecilia has a long history of development studies having earned a Masters in Community Development, a Bachelor of Arts in Development Studies with a minor in environmental studies, and a Higher Diploma and Diploma in Community Based Development and Project Management.

She has also done a vast number of short courses in; Leadership and management, Organizational resource mobilization; community based rehabilitation is currently doing a course on advocacy training on the rights of children with disabilities. Cecilia’s strong academic foundations, coupled with her years of development work and passion to help Persons with Disability has enabled her to guide CDSK for the past 8 years.

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