Month: October 2019

Rehabilitation & Care [Cheshire Homes]

The Homes are : Oriang’ Cheshire Home in [Homa Bay County]-Inclusive educationLimuru Cheshire Home[Kiambu]- Life skills training for girls onlyKariobangi Cheshire Home and Day Care Center for the elderly [Nairobi]Makueni Cheshire Home [Makueni]-Vocational training and rehabilitation centre CDSK focuses on the rehabilitation of children and youths with disabilities through corrective surgeries, different kinds of therapies …

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Inclusive Education

CDSK implements Child Empowerment Programme [CEP] in partnership with Liliane Fonds[ Netherlands] towards the realization of inclusive education. This is done through a network of local Partner Organisations (POs).In the CEP CDSK has a total of 3,890 (0-25years of age) direct beneficiaries in 46 Counties in Kenya. Child Empowerment Programme (CEP) entails addressing the impairments …

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Livelihoods & Economic Empowerment

In this thematic area, CDSK focuses on the economic empowerment of persons with disabilities so that they can live a quality and dignified life. CDSK implements livelihood interventions through a network of partner organizations and two of the Cheshire Homes [Limuru and Makueni Cheshire Homes].In this thematic area, youngsters are supported in pursuing skills development …

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