1. Purchase physiotherapy equipment, office and school stationery and training equipment such as hand-sewing machines, knitting machines, printers, photocopiers, and desktop computers

2. Funds to meet the needs of beneficiaries such as school fees for about 60 beneficiaries who come from disadvantaged homes in order to meet the cost of their care, rehabilitation and training.

3. Renovations of our residential homes – which have been in operation since 1972 – and require major renovations from roof to floor, replacements of bathroom and kitchen facilities and refurbishment of beds, mattresses, beddings, mosquito nets and other boarding facilities. We advocate for, by and with persons with disabilities on the issues that matter to them, and have made positive change every year through our programs, policy and campaigns. This has been made possible by our partners who have donated resources in order to achieve the best outcomes in accordance with our strategic objectives. We are committed to increase our support given to persons with disabilities whose number is increasing, while offering other vulnerable members of the community care by continually increasing the quality of our services in order to improve the satisfaction of the disabled people with whom we work; we have also embarked on a strong & coordinated fund raising plan that reflects our strategic priorities.